Nipah Virus: Another infected with Nipah virus found in Kerala, lockdown situation


After the detection of Nipah virus cases in India too, there is a bit of a one-sided atmosphere in the Health Ministry. The reason for this is that its mortality rate is much higher than Corona. There is a situation of lockdown in Kerala after the cases were reported. Here the government has become alert due to Nipah virus. 

If media reports are to be believed, ICMR Director General said on Friday that efforts are underway to stop the Nipah outbreak. All the infected persons had previously come in contact with the infected patient. He told that the death rate of infected people in Nipah is very high. It is between 40 to 70 percent.

Kerala's State Health Minister said on Friday that the sample of a 39-year-old man has confirmed Nipah virus infection and he is under observation in a hospital. The person had come in direct contact with an infected patient who died of the infection on August 30. According to media reports, with the new case the total number of Nipah infection cases in Kozhikode has increased to six.