News: Radhika Kheda Posted About Congress!


Chhattisgarh Radhika Kheda News: BJP has immediately seized upon the alleged misbehavior with Congress national spokesperson Radhika Kheda in the Chhattisgarh Congress Committee office. BJP, which is in power in the state, has targeted the Congress and said that the party which talks about 'Mahalakshmi Vandan' does not respect women. He has insulted the woman. Therefore now the destruction of Congress is certain. 


Radhika Kheda posted

This controversy came to light after Radhika Kheda's post on the social media platform 'X' on Tuesday night. Kheda posted and said, 'Daughter is not safe in Kaushalya Mata's maternal home. People suffering from a patriarchal mentality are still trying to crush daughters under their feet. I will reveal...!!'

After this post of Radhika Kheda, a video went viral on social media on Wednesday, in which a woman is crying and talking to someone on the phone. It is said that this video is of Radhika Kheda. In the video, the woman is seen saying on the phone, 'What has happened to me today has not happened in 40 years. Who has insulted me? I was yelled at. Its video was also made. I was asked to get out. When I talk to him. Yells at me. I told you earlier also. I am also resigning from the party.

The matter is not in my cognizance – Sachin Pilot

When an attempt was made to talk to Radhika Kheda in this regard, she said that she would talk later. When Chhattisgarh state election in-charge Sachin Pilot, who was on a tour of Surguja district, was asked, Pilot said, 'No such dispute has taken place nor is it in my knowledge.' 

However, the BJP did not let this opportunity go and immediately attacked Congress. State party spokesperson Kedar Gupta said in a video message, 'A heart-wrenching video of Congress national spokesperson Radhika Kheda ji shedding tears has surfaced. If the national leader of Congress is sad in the land of Kaushalya Maa, then our mind is also disturbed. Radhika ji, you stay away from Congressmen, nothing will happen to you in Chhattisgarh. This is the guarantee of good governance of Narendra Modi and Vishnudev Sai. 

Now the destruction of Congress is certain – BJP

Gupta further said in his message, 'They (Congress) talk about Mahalakshmi Vandan (Congress Party's promise of giving Rs 1 lakh per year to women) and do not respect the women of their party, Congress. He has insulted the woman. Therefore now the destruction of Congress is certain. 

What happened in the Congress office?

Congress sources said that the party's media-publicity department chairman Pawan Kheda was to visit Raipur on Wednesday. There was an altercation on this issue between Radhika Kheda and Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committee's media department head Sushil Anand Shukla at the state party office on Tuesday. After this, Radhika Kheda complained about the matter to the party leaders. Congress sources said that soon Radhika may make some other revelations in this regard in the media.