News: NSG commandos landed on the roof of Parliament!


NSG Security Drill: To prevent any terrorist attack on Parliament again, security agencies keep cross-checking their vigil continuously. The country's elite security agency NSG also tested its preparations by conducting security drills in the Parliament House and surrounding areas. A mock drill was conducted near the Parliament complex this evening. In this mock drill, a paraglider was flown, the purpose of which was to strengthen the security of the Parliament House. 

Paraglider flying in Lutyens Zone

NSG commandos flew in Lutyens Zone using a paraglider. This paraglider was seen flying near Parliament House, North, and South Block. NSG paratroopers conducted an air survey near the Parliament House through this flight, the purpose of which was to strengthen the security of the Parliament House and its surrounding areas in the event of a terrorist attack. 

Can be attacked from the sky in an emergency

This means that if there is a terrorist attack, then in that situation an operation can be conducted against the terrorists with the help of paragliders. Not only this but an entire area can also be cordoned off in a very short time through paragliders. 

NSG commandos landed on the roof of Parliament


Let us tell you that earlier NSG commandos had also surveyed helicopters regarding the security of Parliament. The security wing of Delhi Police was also included in this mock drill. Given the security of the Parliament, this mock drill was done for about 15 minutes. During this time, some commandos had also landed on the roof of the Parliament House through helicopter. 

This NSG drill took place amidst the threat of bombing about 100 schools in Delhi-NCR. On investigation, this threat turned out to be just a threat. Explosives were not recovered from any school. Not only this, everything appeared fine in the schools which had received bomb threats through e-mails. 

People remembered the scene of Parliament attack

In such a situation, people's ears perked up due to the NSG drill. The scene of 13 December 2001 flashed before people's eyes when 9 people, including security personnel deployed for Parliament security, were killed and 18 people were seriously injured in the terrorist attack. However, it was fortunate that no MP became the target of the terrorists.