Newly appointed ministers of the Gehlot government have started proving their worth: Vasudev Devnani


Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vasudev Devnani has taken a dig at the statements made by the newly appointed ministers of the Ashok Gehlot government. 

Former Rajasthan Education Minister and Ajmer MLA Vasudev Devnani have targeted the Congress by sharing a piece of news. In this news, the statements of Medical Minister Parsadi Lal Meena, Minister of State for Rural Development Rajendra Singh Gudha, and Advisor to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Rajkumar Sharma have been mentioned. 

BJP leader Vasudev Devnani tweeted that the newly appointed ministers of Rajasthan have started proving their worth, those who could not make it should be considered. With such comments, Priyanka Gandhi's claims of women empowerment and the real intentions of the Gandhian Congress are being recognized by the general public.

It is worth mentioning that Rajasthan's Minister of State for Rural Development Rajendra Singh Gudha told the PWD officer in the campaign camp organized in his assembly constituency Pokh village that roads like Katrina Kaif's cheeks should be built in my village.