NEET Paper Leak: Courier company had sent NEET question papers via e-rickshaw


NEET Paper Leak Latest Update: The scope of investigation of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test i.e. NEET paper leak has spread from Bihar and Jharkhand to Maharashtra. The CBI team is investigating the entire matter from every aspect. But, meanwhile, a big disclosure has been made on the NEET paper leak and great negligence is coming to the fore in delivering the paper to the exam center. According to sources, the paper has been leaked in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. The matter of the paper leak is coming to the fore due to the negligence of the courier company. On one hand, big revelations are being made every day regarding the paper leak, on the other hand, the matter is in the Supreme Court. But, there is a ruckus about it from the Parliament to the streets of the country. Let us tell you what is the latest update in the paper leak case.


  1. Question papers sent by e-rickshaw: According to sources, the question papers came from Ranchi to Hazaribagh in a courier company's vehicle. The papers reached Hazaribagh on May 3 itself. After that, the papers were delivered to the examination center by e-rickshaw. According to sources, the paper got leaked while coming from the company to the examination center. During this time, the examination centers took out the question paper from the box and leaked it. The paper of any exam is delivered to the center in a closed vehicle under tight security, but how did such negligence happen in the paper of the medical entrance exam.
  2. School exposed the truth: When a school in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand was accused of irregularities in the NEET paper, they exposed everyone one by one while declaring themselves innocent. The school principal claims that the sensitive NEET question papers were brought to the school via e-rickshaw. He said that the question papers were brought via e-rickshaw, I have never seen such carelessness in my life.
  3. NTA's negligence exposed: First the courier company sent the question paper from Ranchi to its office in Hazaribagh, and then the question papers were being delivered from the office to the schools through e-rickshaws. As the investigation of NEET is progressing, the negligence of NTA is being exposed, from paper leak, rigging, and racket to help people pass the exam.
  4. Question papers are kept in 7 security layers: Even in the Hazaribagh bank where the question papers were kept, the rules were not followed. The receipt has been shown in just a small piece of paper. The EOU team also reached the bank for investigation, where they took detailed information from the concerned official, there too the team got signs of gross negligence. The question papers are kept in 7 security layers, which are kept in an iron box. The iron box was to be opened automatically across the country on 5 May at 1:15 pm. But, it did not open across the country. The second lock has to be opened with a cutter. When the digital lock did not open, the iron boxes were cut across the country with this cutter.
  5. What did NTA say on negligence in transportation: Dr. Ehsan Ul Haq, Principal of Oasis School and City Coordinator of NTA, said that the transportation used to bring the question paper is under suspicion. He also said that the question paper has been tampered with. It is a matter of investigation as to how it was tampered with. He also expressed concern about how the question paper was brought from Ranchi to Hazaribagh by flouting the rules. He also said that the question paper is delivered to the bank 2 km away through an e-rickshaw. It was the responsibility of the courier agency to deliver it to the bank through a truck only. In the videos that have been obtained, it is also seen that the question paper was lying at the gate of the courier service center. This is also negligence.
  6. The heat of the investigation has reached 5 states: The scope of the investigation of the NEET exam is increasing with each passing day. It started with the controversy of grace marks. But now the heat of its investigation has reached 5 states of the country. First of all, toppers emerged from a single examination center in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. Money was paid for the examination at a special center in Godhra, Gujarat. In Bihar, there were allegations of a paper leak. In Deoghar, Jharkhand, the matter of passing the exam also came to light. In Maharashtra too, the gang that helps pass the paper in exchange for money was suspected. Now after the case has come into the hands of CBI, everyone is in a panic.
  7. 2 people detained from Latur: 2 more people have been detained from Latur in Maharashtra in the NEET paper leak case. According to police sources, both these people used to work on the instructions of Jalil Pathan. In this case, the police can also send summons to some parents for questioning. Police sources said that to increase the marks of children in the NEET exam, the accused used to take 50 thousand advances from them and 5 lahks after the completion of the work. According to police sources, at present, the mobile phones of the accused taken into custody have been sent for forensic investigation.
  8. CBI took over 5 cases: CBI has taken over 5 cases related to NEET exam. CBI has taken over three cases related to the NEET exam from Bihar, Godhra in Gujarat, and Rajasthan. CBI has taken the files of all these cases from the local police and started an investigation. Out of these five cases, the biggest exam leakage conspiracy module case is from Bihar. The cases of Godhra and Rajasthan are about getting someone else to appear in the exam in place of the candidate or cheating. CBI is now investigating all the cases.
  9. 9 mobile phones seized in NET case: On one hand, the investigation is going on regarding NEET exams, and on the other hand, the investigation is also going on regarding the UGC-NET exam. 9 mobile phones have been seized in this case. The Telegram app of all these mobile phones was checked. Investigation revealed that data has been deleted from the Telegram app of all mobile phones. CFSL's help is being taken to retrieve data, the investigation also revealed that the paper was being sold through the dark net. When the NET exam was cancelled after the news of the paper leak came. After that, data was deleted from total of 9 mobile phones seized.
  10. What information did Nikhil from Kushinagar give: Two days ago, the CBI team called a student named Nikhil from Kushinagar, UP for questioning. During the interrogation that lasted for about 6 hours, Nikhil gave a lot of information to the CBI team. Currently, the agency is engaged in catching the accused. The CBI is continuously investigating the case by forming different teams in many states. It is expected that soon the accused will be exposed and the students will get justice.