Naxalites rehabilitation: New campaign for rehabilitation of Naxalites!


Naxalites rehabilitation: From the elimination of hardcore Naxalites in India to the return of the new cadre of Naxalites into the mainstream, the government is working vigorously. Many state governments of the country are working in this direction. Meanwhile, good news has come from Chhattisgarh. Here the state government has made such an effort for the first time in the country under which Naxalites will be able to tell without coming forward what kind of environment they want to return to the mainstream of the country.


New campaign for rehabilitation of Naxalites

In Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, the government has once again stepped up efforts to make the Naxalites surrender and improve their rehabilitation policies. For this, the Home Ministry has issued several email IDs and Google forms. In which the Naxalites can express their feelings and do whatever is necessary to change their mind. 

Deputy CM Vijay Sharma said that the state government is upgrading its policy. Many decisions have been taken in this matter. We are trying to ensure that Naxalites leave the path of violence and express their views directly. For this, we have also issued some QR codes. We can make the policies flexible as per the need so that Naxalism ends and those who have followed that path also return to the mainstream of the country and start a new life.

Big success in Bastar

According to the report of 'Bhaskar', farmers are doing organic farming in the Bastar district which was once a stronghold of Naxalites. The income of people has increased there. The atmosphere of fear has reduced as compared to earlier. Talking about the success of the government and administration, 1000 Naxalites have surrendered in Bastar district in the last 3 years. In such a situation, the government is trying to free every Naxal-affected district of the state from that scourge as soon as possible.