National Pension System: By investing only three thousand rupees per month, you will get more than 44 lakh rupees on maturity


Many people prefer to invest in a scheme to live their future in a better way. Today we are going to give you information about National Pension System. You can use the money deposited in this after the age of 60 years. Under the National Pension System, a person of 18 years can invest with a minimum of 500 rupees.

If you invest three thousand rupees every month in this scheme at the age of 34, then you will get a hefty amount of Rs 44.35 lakh at the time of maturity. Under this, you will have to make this investment for 26 years.


It has an estimated annual ROI or an interest rate of 10 percent. Your total deposit in NPS over a period of 26 years will be Rs 9.36 lakh. After this, you will get a hefty amount of Rs 44 lakh on maturity.