National Highway Authority of India (NHAI): According to reports, NHAI is considering making self-healing roads!


Self-Healing Highways: Potholes on the roads have always been a problem for vehicles. Technology has progressed a lot in the matter of roads but the problem of potholes remains the same. To overcome this, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is bringing a new and unique solution. 


According to reports, NHAI is considering making self-healing roads. With this technology, the roads will be able to fill their potholes. Under this, steel fiber and bitumen (the adhesive used for asphalt) will be mixed in the asphalt. Then, once a hole is formed, the bitumen will spread and fill it.

Actually, in this technique, small steel fibers are mixed with bitumen which glues the asphalt. This will enable the bitumen to act as a conductor, which expands when heated. When heated, bitumen expands and fills potholes or cracks in the road and also prevents them from forming to a great extent. 

This will not only keep the condition of roads good and reduce accidents caused by potholes but the maintenance cost of roads will also be controlled. In such a situation, if this technology proves to be effective then it will be a new and excellent beginning for the road infrastructure of the country.

It is noteworthy that road potholes are a big problem in India. Due to these potholes, there is a danger of vehicles getting damaged, traffic jams and sometimes accidents also occur. These create even more problems during the rainy season, as water further weakens the road.

Now the idea of ​​making self-healing roads on a large scale in India is being considered. NHAI is planning to conduct small-scale tests on some selected highways to find out how effective and economical this particular technology is.