Narendra Modi used all his strength to hide the donation business: Rahul Gandhi


Former National President of Congress Rahul Gandhi has now targeted PM Narendra Modi regarding electoral bonds. Rahul Gandhi has targeted PM Modi over the State Bank of India's demand to the Supreme Court to extend the time till June 30 to disclose the details of every electoral bond encashed by political parties.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted in this regard that Narendra Modi has used all his strength to hide the 'donation business'. When the Supreme Court has said that it is the right of the countrymen to know the truth about electoral bonds, then why does SBI want this information not to be made public before the elections?

Asking for time till 30th June for information that can be retrieved with one click shows that there is nothing black in the pulses, the entire pulses are black. Every independent organization in the country is trying to cover up their corruption by becoming the 'Modani family'. This is the 'last attempt' to hide Modi's 'real face' before the elections.

PC: abplive