Mutual Fund: Invest in these schemes for better future of daughters, you will get a huge amount of Rs 34.5 lakh


Many people invest for a better future for their daughters. If you plan to do something similar on the festival of Diwali, then today we are going to give you information about a plan. For this, you should invest your savings in mutual funds. By investing Rs 4 thousand per month in this, you can deposit a fund of Rs 34.5 lakh for the better future of your daughter.

, To invest in this, you have to select a good mutual fund scheme and make SIP in it. After this, four thousand rupees will have to be invested every month. You will get good profits by investing for 18 years.

At the time of investment, you can expect to get an estimated return of 13 percent every year on your investment. However, you must take expert advice before investing in mutual funds. 

PC: fortuneindia