Mumbai News: Know Case of Somaiya School of Mumbai!

Mumbai News : Despite holding a big position like Principal in the school, posting in favor of the terrorist organization Hamas proved costly for a woman. The incident is from Mumbai. After the complaint, the Hamas sympathizer principal was removed from her job.


Mumbai Latest Updates: A school principal faced heavy consequences for writing a post on social media in favor of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. After coming to know about the matter, the management first explained to the principal and asked him to apologize. When the principal did not step back, the school management terminated Principal Parveen Sheikh from her job. After her dismissal, Parveen Sheikh has described this decision as politically motivated. 


Case of Somaiya School of Mumbai

In Mumbai, a society named Somaiya Vidyavihar runs a school named Somaiya. A statement issued by the society on Tuesday said, "Recently, it has come to our notice that Parveen Sheikh, who is the Principal of our Somaiya School, is doing many such activities on her personal social media handle, which are against the activities of our institution." It is against the values. 

'Don't like playing with values'

The society further said, 'We strictly follow freedom of expression. Despite this, we believe that this should be done with a sense of respect and responsibility towards others. Therefore, after seriously considering the issue, the management has decided that the service of Parveen Shaikh is now discontinued with the Society. We will ensure that our values ​​are not tampered with in any way. 

Somaiya Vidyavihar Society further said in its statement, 'We believe that it is important to protect the impressionable minds of our youth. It is also important to ensure that they are brought up in an environment that maintains high standards of integrity and inclusivity.

Why was Parveen Shaikh removed?

Web portal OpIndia published a report on April 24, in which it was told that Parveen Sheikh is misusing her position and posting sympathetic posts towards the terrorist organization Hamas on social media X and justifying its activities. The portal released this report after investigating Sheikh's social media handle. 

Refused to resign

After this report came out, the school management held a meeting with Principal Parveen Shaikh on April 26 and asked her to resign. However, Sheikh refused to do so and said that freedom of expression is his basic right. Parveen Shaikh said that she has also worked hard to take the school forward, hence her resignation cannot be sought because of her social media activities.

Management removed the principal from his post

After this, the school management issued a notice on May 4 and sought a written explanation from Parveen Shaikh. When Parveen Sheikh did not give a proper answer to this, the management announced to termination of her service. Parveen Shaikh is upset with the news of her dismissal. Sheikh said that this notice is completely illegal and unjust. Parveen Sheikh claimed that she has done extraordinary work in taking the school to the top in the last 12 years. 

'I am considering going to court'

Criticizing her school management, Parveen Shaikh said, 'A public condemnation campaign was launched against me. Despite this, the management did not decide to stand with me. Harsh and unfair action has been taken by removing me from the principalship. I am considering challenging it in court.