MP Hanuman Beniwal told these people irresponsible citizens of society!


Member of Parliament Hanuman Beniwal has expressed his anger over people making a video instead of rescuing a person in a trailer while walking alive in a horrific road accident in Nagaur district.

RLP MP Hanuman Beniwal tweeted in this regard that in a horrific road accident near Chimrani village on Nagaur-Jodhpur National Highway in Nagaur district, a person traveling in a trailer was burning alive, and instead of trying to save him, people were trying to make a video. Where did the human sensitivity of such people go? In such accidents, instead of saving the victim, the people who make videos are irresponsible citizens of society and after the accident, the fire engine that came to extinguish the fire in the trucks ran out of water, which seems to be the negligence of the officials of the concerned urban unit and the fire brigade. 

Responsibility should be fixed in this case also because the Rajasthan government needs to take strict action against the one who is negligent and it should also be ensured that such negligence does not recur. As soon as the incident came to notice, I instructed the administrative officers of the district to extinguish the fire and provide maximum financial assistance to the dependents of the citizens who died in the accident.

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