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Kerla driver news: Sautish's financial condition was not good. Air travel from Kerala to Bengal was beyond their reach, so there was danger in taking Mother to such a distance by train. In such a situation, traveling by ambulance was the only option before him. The ambulance driver completed this task with complete devotion and dedication.


Motivational  News: There is a saying that helping gives virtue. Helping someone is a good habit. A recent example of this was presented by Arun, an ambulance driver from Kerala. Arun made the impossible possible to fulfill the last wish of a 70-year-old sick woman. A 28-year-old ambulance driver, resident of Karunagappally, Kollam, has set a new example by giving greater importance to his professional integrity. Overcoming all the challenges, Arun covered a distance of 2870 km in just two and a half days. Due to this, it became easier to safely transport the patient to Raiganj.


Made the impossible possible

This is the story of Sautish and his mother Bodhini who were living in Kerala. Satish used to work in the brick factory of Maynagappally. His family was living comfortably. 15 years ago Bodhini came to Kerala and liked the greenery here so much that she decided to settle there. However, at the beginning of 2024, Bodhini suffered a stroke and became bedridden. Before she died, she wanted to return to her hometown and meet close relatives who lived hundreds of kilometers away in Raiganj, West Bengal.

When God blessed, Arun also left no stone unturned.

According to a report published in 'Indian Express', Sautish's financial condition was not good. Air travel was beyond his reach. There was danger even in traveling such a distance by train. In such a situation, an ambulance was the only option. But no driver was ready to take him to a distance of about 2800 kilometers. Suddenly Sautish's eyes fell on Emirates Ambulance Service. When he contacted the company owner Kiranji Dilip, he saw a ray of hope. Seeing their financial condition and need, he allowed the ambulance to be taken to Bengal.

First, he was asked for Rs 1 lakh twenty thousand for this trip, but Sautish had only Rs 40,000 left. In such a situation, the owner of the company showed some mercy and finally, the deal was finalized for Rs 90,000. Satish paid Rs 40,000 and promised to hand over the rest after reaching Bengal. 

It is difficult to find such an example of help.

Now the work started for ambulance driver Arun who had accepted this challenge. While talking to the media, Arun said, 'I did not stop the car anywhere except to fill fuel at the pump and to give medicine and food to the patient. Whatever important work was done, it was done during this time. I had been to West Bengal earlier also. So was familiar with the route. My responsibility was to take the patient there safely. My ambulance was fit as per the standards. Only then I could easily travel the distance of 2800 km.

Now the story of this kindness of the ambulance driver is going viral on social media also.