Most Polluted City: Nepal's Kathmandu among the most polluted cities in the world, domestic flights are also affected


The level of pollution in the world is continuously increasing and there are many reasons for it. In such a situation, its side effects are also affecting the people and along with that their health is also deteriorating. In such a situation, Kathmandu of Nepal has reached number one in the world in terms of pollution. 

For information, let us tell you that Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, remains in the top-10 position in the list of most polluted cities in the world. One reason for this pollution has also come to light is that there is a fire in the forests due to which visibility is being affected. 

According to IQ Air, an organization that measures real-time pollution in 101 cities in the world, the Air Quality Index in Kathmandu crossed the mark of 190 on Sunday afternoon. This is a very dangerous level for human health. Domestic flights have also been affected due to pollution.