Modi's guarantee has disappeared from Rajasthan: Tika Ram Jully


Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan Tikaram Julie has given his reaction on the interim budget presented by Finance Minister Diya Kumari on Thursday. Tikaram Julie has termed this budget as a bundle of allegations, confusion and lies. Julie has expressed her views in this regard through social media. He tweeted that the interim budget is a bundle of allegations, confusion and lies, no cheap oil, double engine failure in Rajasthan, Modi's guarantee missing.

The way Finance Minister Diya Kumari read the interim budget of Rajasthan in the House, it seems as if this interim budget has been sent directly from Delhi instead of the Rajasthan Cabinet. This budget is full of false allegations against the previous government, it is misleading and directionless. This is just an election agenda. There is no vision for the all-round development of the state. Dalits, farmers, women, youth and middle class were neglected in this.

During the assembly election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that if our government is formed in Rajasthan, he will guarantee to reduce the weight on petrol and diesel to be at par with Haryana, that proved to be just a mere statement and Modi's guarantee disappeared from Rajasthan.

Lies upon lies were told on ERCP. It was said in the budget that the Central Government was ready to provide full cooperation whereas the truth is that till date the Central Government has not spent even a single penny on this project. The previous Gehlot government took this scheme forward with its own resources. Isarda Dam and Navnera Dam were built, whose aerial survey was recently conducted by Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma.

The separate agriculture budget was made to disappear as Modi's guarantee. Understanding the plight of the farmers, the previous government had brought a separate agriculture budget and worked to provide support to them through various schemes.


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