Mistake in PM Modi's security: Rajendra Rathore targeted CM Gehlot's statement


Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod has termed as irresponsible the statement made by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot regarding the lapse in security of PM Narendra Modi in Punjab. In this regard, he tweeted that it is unfortunate that Ashok Gehlot Ji himself is holding the constitutional post of Chief Minister, despite this, instead of accepting the mistake of the Punjab government for a serious lapse in the security of PM Narendra Modi Ji, instead of blaming the central agencies. and making irresponsible statements.

He wrote in another tweet that the guidelines related to the security of the Prime Minister have been given in the Blue Book of the SGP, but the Punjab Government did not follow the rules of the Blue Book. The police administration has to prepare in advance for an alternate route in any adverse situation in which the Punjab government has completely failed.

The Prime Minister of the country is not the respect of any particular party but the entire nation. Federalism has been weakened and the entire nation has been humiliated due to serious lapses in the security arrangements by the Punjab Government by risking the life of the Prime Minister of the country to serve political interests.