Mega merger of Tata's airlines, Vistara merged with Air India


TATA Airlines: Tata's airlines have been in controversies for the past few days. Sometimes due to poor management and sometimes due to the resentment and strike of the employees, Tata's different airlines have been in the news. After Tata took over the reins of Air India, it was expected that the management would change, but it did not happen. Now these airlines of Tata are going to be merged. Tata's four airlines will merge and become two.  


Tata's airline companies will reduce from 4 to 2

Air India operates Vistara, Air India Express, and Air Asia. Now these four airlines are going to merge, which will create two airlines. The airlines of Tata Group are going to merge. The merger of Tata Airlines has finally got the green signal from DGCA. 

Air India-Vistara merger

DGCA has now approved the merger of Tata's Air India and Singapore Airlines (SIA)'s joint venture airline company Vistara. After this approval, Vistara will merge with Air India. Let us tell you that this merger has already got the permission of the Competition Commission of India or CCI. In September, CCI approved this merger. After this, only DGCA's green signal was awaited. Now after the approval from the aviation regulator, the work of airline mergers has gained momentum.  

Air Asia merged with Air India Express.  

DGCA has given permission to merge Vistara with Air India and Air Asia India with Air India Express. It is believed that the target of completing this merger is set by the end of this year. After this merger, Tata's four airlines will merge into two. Which will be Air India and Air India Express. Air India CEO and MD Campbell Wilson has expressed happiness over the approval received from DGCA.   

Which airlines does Tata have?  

Tata, a company ranging from steel to software, has four airlines, out of which it fully owns Air India, Air India Express, and Air Asia or AIX Connect. Tata has a 51% stake in Vistara, while the remaining 49% stake is with Singapore Airlines.   

What will be the impact after the merger of Tata Airlines?  

After the merger of Tata's airline, Vistara will merge with Air India and Air Asia India will merge with Air India Express. This merger will help in managing air services, and passenger facilities and expanding in the aviation sector. In the past few days, the crew members and pilots of Vistara Airlines went on leave together to express their displeasure with the management. Due to this, a large number of flights had to be canceled. Tata is trying to avoid these controversies.