Loksabha Chunav 2024: Know process of vote counting is completed with EVM!


Loksabha Chunav 2024:  The Lok Sabha elections 2024, which started on 19 April, will end on 1 June. After this, the process of vote counting will start, which all the voters keep an eye on. Special care is taken to ensure that the vote counting is done fairly. If you do not know about this, then today we are going to tell you how the process of vote counting is completed with EVM.


1. After the voting:

After the voting is over, the EVMs are sealed and taken from the polling station to a safe place.

All the EVMs are collected at a designated place, called the 'counting center'.

2. At the Counting Centre:

At the counting center, election officials open the seals of the EVMs and separate them into a 'control unit' and a 'ballot unit'. The

'control unit' is connected to a 'reading machine'. The

'reading machine' reads the number of votes cast in the EVM and records it on a 'counting sheet'.

3. Counting of votes:

The number of votes recorded on the 'counting sheet' is matched with the number of votes received by various candidates.

This matching is done in the presence of the 'voting officer' and the 'party agent'.

After the counting of votes is completed, the 'counting officer' declares the results.

4. Use of VVPAT:

Since 2010, India has been using a 'Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail' (VVPAT) along with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

The VVPAT is an independent electronic device that prints a slip of the vote cast by the voter and places it in a secure box. The

VVPAT is used to verify the record of votes cast in the EVM.

EVM counting is considered accurate because:

EVMs are electronic devices that reduce the chances of human error.

VVPAT is used to verify the record of votes cast in the EVM.

The counting process takes place under the supervision of a 'counting officer', 'party agent', and other officials.