Lok Sabha Elections: Rahul Gandhi once again targeted PM Modi regarding billionaires, saying such a big thing


Before the Lok Sabha elections, former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted PM Modi. Before the first phase of voting in the country, Rahul Gandhi has taken a dig at Modi over billionaires.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has tweeted in this regard. He tweeted that Narendra Modi waived off Rs 16 lakh crore of a few billionaires in one go. With this much money, a revolutionary scheme like Rutrahrikrshvatra could have been run for 24 years.

Those who ask where the money will come from for Congress's schemes, hide these figures from you. Enough of 'kindness to friends', now is the time to open the treasury of the government to the common man. It is noteworthy that after this, Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven phases in the country. The first phase of voting will be held on April 19 and the last phase on June 1. The election results will come on June 4.

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