Lok Sabha elections: Diya Kumari said this big thing for the opposition alliance


As the date of voting for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan is approaching, the rhetoric of the leaders against each other has intensified. Now Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari in Rajasthan has given a big statement regarding the opposition alliance.

Diya Kumari has given this reaction to the statement given by Congress candidate Ramchandra Choudhary regarding PM. During this, Diya Kumari said what an arrogant alliance, India Alliance in which more than half of their CMs are in jail. More than half of their people have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party or are waiting to join. 

During this, Diya Kumari said that the candidates who had made nominations from Rajsamand also withdrew. He even said that a party whose identity is unknown will form the government. During this, he also took a dig at Congress candidates Ramchandra Chaudhary and Rahul Gandhi.

PC: dipr.Rajasthan

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