Lok Sabha Elections: Can a company refuse to give leave on the day of voting, know what are the rules


Internet Desk. Voting will be held for 102 Lok Sabha seats in the country on Friday. On this day there will be a holiday for all the people in the respective areas. Be it a government or private institution. It is seen that many private institutions remain open on the day of voting. Their employees also have to go to the office. Today we are going to give you information on whether you can take leave on the day of voting. What are your rights in this regard?

Let us tell you that there is a provision for a holiday on the day of voting for people working in the private sector. Under the Representation of the People Act 1951, the company will have to give leave to its employees on the day of voting.

Voting is the right of the countrymen. For this reason, the company cannot refuse to grant leave on the day of voting. The company cannot even deduct this leave money. You must be aware of this rule.