Lok Sabha elections: Ashok Gehlot made this call for Congress's victory


Former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is campaigning heavily in favour of Congress candidates in Rajasthan for the Lok Sabha elections. He participated in the workers' conference organized in Jodhpur on Tuesday. He has given this information through social media.

Ashok Gehlot tweeted in this regard that he participated in the workers conference organized in Jodhpur along with State Congress President Govind Dotasara, Leader of Opposition Tikaram Julie and Jodhpur Lok Sabha Coordinator Mahendra Chaudhary. Appealed to all the workers to remain committed to the victory of Congress in the Lok Sabha elections 2024 through mind, words and deeds.

Earlier on Tuesday, he tweeted that 36 communities are together, this sound is everywhere. Today, in the nomination meeting of the Congress candidate of the area, Mrs Sangeeta Beniwal in Pali, appealed to the public to vote in favour of Congress. This election is an election to save the Constitution and the character of India. Every vote of yours will prove to be a signature of change. 

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