LIC Scheme: This scheme of LIC will eliminate your tension, invest in this way


You must have heard about investing in LIC from everyone. Investing in it gives you many benefits. The biggest thing is that you get your money back with a full guarantee. Second, the tension that you used to have before investing, that return does not remain. 

In such a situation, if you also want that the tension of the future of your growing-up children should end, then we are telling you which policy of LIC you can invest in. The name of this scheme is LIC Jeevan Tarun Yojana. By investing in this scheme, you can be free from the tension of your children's future.

You can start investing in LIC's Jeevan Tarun scheme three months after the birth of the child. Wherein the child will be 25 years old. After that, the child will get all the benefits of the scheme.