LIC Policy: Get the closed LIC policy started again through this process


Many people invest in LIC policy. However, the policies of some of these people get terminated midway due to one reason or the other. If any of your LIC policies have also been closed, then you will have a chance to get it started again or revived. Today we are going to tell you the process of restarting the closed LIC policy.

Here is the process:

First of all, you have to go to the branch of the insurance company and get a revival quote. This is the total amount of remaining premiums payable.

Now you have to deposit the revival penalty along with this amount.

Submit your health certificate along with it.

During this, you will also have to fill out Form No. 680.

On completion of this process, your policy will start again.

To revive the policy, you must also have ID and address proof.