KYC Update: If your bank account has been suspended due to not getting KYC done, you can reactivate it with the help of these steps.


Everyone has more than one bank account and in such a situation it is a bit difficult to manage them. Many times, if you are not able to maintain the account and are not able to keep track of the new updates coming from RBI, your account gets suspended. Recently RBI has issued a guideline. According to which, if you have not got the KYC of your account done then your account may be suspended. In such a situation, if your bank account is suspended, let us tell you what to do. 

If media reports are to be believed, the Reserve Bank of India has said that if a customer does not provide his PAN or Form 16, his account will be suspended. In such a situation, you will be informed before the bank.

Reactivate it if it is suspended 

If your account is closed then you will have to go to your bank account branch with KYC documents and re-KYC form and complete the process.

Apart from this, you can also get KYC done through video call.

Also with the address you can complete the KYC process by filling the form with the bank.

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