KYC Update: Do not make this mistake even by mistake, otherwise your bank account will become empty.


In today's time, you can be cheated even in the name of KYC. Anyone can empty your bank account in the name of KYC. To avoid this you have to be alert. You have to keep many things in mind. Today we are going to give you information in this regard.

It has been seen that cyber thugs send messages to people on their phones in the name of KYC updates. The name of the bank or the name of the scheme is written on it. It is written in it that if KYC is not completed, banking-related work may stop. When this type of message comes, many people click on the link to update KYC.

After some time of doing this, their account becomes empty. For this reason, do not click on this type of link even by mistake. Do not give KYC information even on fake calls.

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