Kundra : Raja Bhaiya has a deep connection with controversies, knows some famous cases


Raja Bhaiya's name came into the limelight when the then Chief Minister Mayawati got him arrested in 2002 for threatening an MLA.

Along with the arrest of Raja Bhaiya, POTA was also imposed on him and his father Uday Pratap Singh.

The issue of keeping crocodiles in the pond regarding Raja Bhaiya was also in the headlines, discussions were also revealed about human bones being found in the pond after the investigation.

However, even today people are unaware of the reality of crocodile rearing by Raja Bhaiya. Before the year 2013, during the block chief election, he was accused of kidnapping some area panchayat members and was also arrested.

Raja Bhaiya's name had also cropped up in the murder of a Dalit girl after a gang rape in Asthan village of Nawabganj police station area.

His name was also linked to the famous CO murder case. It is said that especially in the Kunda circle, his name is sure to come up whenever anything happens.

According to the affidavit given in the 2022 assembly elections, only three cases are left against Raja Bhaiya.