Kota model of urban development will be known in the country and the world in future: Shanti Dhariwal


The Kota model of urban development will be known in the country and the world in future. This example of the architect is unique in the country. Urban Development and Self-Government Minister Shanti Dhariwal said this while addressing the media in connection with the Kota-a-City Reborn program at Rajasthan International Centre.

He said that along with development, works like tourism, employment, environmental protection and beautification of the river have been done. Chambal river flows in three states and its water is used for electricity, drinking water and irrigation. He said that on September 12, 125 Pandits will worship the 225 feet high marble idol of Chambal Mata for the first time. 

The world's largest gun metal facade has been built at Jawahar Ghat on the Chambal Riverfront. The 22 ghats here have their own distinct specialties, the world's largest Nandi is also built here. Dhariwal said that statues of 10 incarnations have been installed in a garden and a higher door has been made than Buland Darwaza.

He said that the architecture and culture of 9 regions of Rajasthan has been depicted on Rajputana Ghat. Mukut Mahal has 80 feet high ceiling, there is also Silicon Valley here. The world's largest bell has been built at Brahma Ghat, whose sound will reach up to 8 km away and the LED Garden is the first garden in the country. He said that a 6 km long riverfront has been built in Kota, which has cost Rs 1400 crore.