Kejriwal: CM Kejriwal targeted the Center regarding One Nation One Election.


AAP has also set the tone for the assembly elections in Rajasthan. AAP will also announce its candidates in Rajasthan. Delhi CM Kejriwal addressed people in Jaipur on Monday. In the Townhall program at Pratap Ganar in Jaipur, Kejriwal targeted the Modi government at the Center on the issue of one country, one election.

On this occasion, Kejriwal said that if elections are held once in 5 years, you will get a cylinder worth Rs 5000 and Modi ji will come after 5 years and say that your Rs 200 has been waived off. If One Nation One Election is done then tomato of Rs 250 per kg will become Rs 1500 per kg. 

Talking further on this occasion, CM Kejriwal said that my demand is that there should be One Nation 20 elections. Elections should be held every third month, at least they will go by giving something, otherwise they will not show their face for 5 years. Will keep roaming all over the world and will come to India only after 5 years.

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