Karnataka Exit Poll: Congress is getting a majority in the exit poll, BJP is seen coming second


Voting for the assembly elections in Karnataka is over. All the regional parties including BJP, Congress campaigned a lot in these elections and claimed their respective victories. But the results of the exit polls released after the voting on Wednesday evening are not going to be happy for the BJP.

After the completion of voting on 224 seats in Karnataka, the Election Commission said that 70.69 percent of voting has taken place. Now people are waiting for 13th May. By the way, according to the exit polls that came before the wait, then this time out of 10 polls, the Congress government is being formed in 4. BJP is getting a majority in 1st poll.

At the same time, JDS is getting 21 to 28 seats. In such a situation, like 2018, once again without JDS, no party will be able to form the government here. According to a poll of polls, BJP 91, Congress 108, JDS 22, and others are getting 3 seats. 

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