Karnataka Elections 2023: Rahul Gandhi said Manipur is burning and Modi is engaged in the election campaign


Karnataka will vote for the assembly elections two days later, but before that, the election campaign is at its peak. The election campaign will end here this evening. But before that, both BJP and Congress are busy leveling allegations against each other. Here Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has targeted PM Modi and leader Amit Shah.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in Karnataka, 'Manipur is burning but the Prime Minister and Home Minister are busy campaigning in Karnataka. Rahul Gandhi targeted both the leaders and said that today's situation in Manipur is the result of BJP's politics of hatred and violence. 

Targeting Rahul Gandhi, he said, wherever BJP goes, it divides people and only spreads hatred. The Congress leader said that we have done the work of connecting people and the BJP has done the work of spreading hatred. Rahul Gandhi further said the love in our heart is 10 times more than the hatred in his heart.

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