Jodhpur Triple Murder: Neighbor turned out to be the killer, police told- why did he kill the woman and girls?


A bloody game was played in the same house in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on July 3. The grandmother and two grandchildren were brutally murdered. The police solved the murder case within 24 hours and arrested the accused. The accused turned out to be none other than the neighbor, who had entered the house with the intention of looting.

Police investigating the incident spot.

The mystery of the triple murder that took place in broad daylight in Jodhpur was solved within 24 hours. The police made the disclosure and arrested an accused named Dinesh Jat who lives in the neighborhood. According to the police, Dinesh Jat entered the house with the intention of loot and committed the murder. This incident took place in the house of a person named Pukhraj Kudia on last Wednesday. He was not present at home at the time of the incident. Pukhraj leaves for work in the morning and returns in the evening. Pukhraj's wife Goma Devi also went to the hospital with her sister-in-law. Her son was also with them. Pukhraj's mother Bhanwari Devi, his sister Santosh and his two daughters were at home. When Goma Devi returned home, she came to know about the incident and informed her husband Pukhraj.

Talking about the whole incident, on Wednesday, June 3, the police received information about a murder in the house of Pukhraj Kudia in Nadda Khurd village of Banad police station area of ​​Jodhpur. When the police reached the spot, they saw that two women, Bhanwari Devi and Santosh, were lying on the floor in a seriously injured state and blood was scattered all around. An axe was stuck in Santosh's head. In the hospital, the doctors declared Bhanwari Devi dead, while Santosh was admitted and treatment started.

When Santosh's two daughters were not found, they were searched for. The bodies of both were found in the water tank outside the house. The body of one of Santosh's daughters was submerged in water, while the body of the other was floating on the surface. The police called the FSL team on the spot and collected evidence. More than a dozen teams including the dog squad were deployed for investigation and the murder was solved within 24 hours.

The crime was committed with the intention of robbery

According to the police, Dinesh Jat, the accused who was addicted to alcohol and gambling, knew that only women were present in the house. Dinesh drank alcohol just before the incident and entered the house as soon as he got the chance. As soon as he entered, he encountered Bhanwari Devi. Dinesh attacked Bhanwari Devi with an axe and threw her on the ground, due to which Bhanwari died on the spot. Seeing this, Bhanwari Devi's two granddaughters started crying and screaming. On this, Dinesh picked up both of them and threw them in the water tank outside the house and closed its lid.

After this, Dinesh started looting the house. Dinesh saw that Bhanwari Devi's daughter Santosh was sleeping in the room inside the house. Dinesh attacked Santosh's head with an axe. The blow was so strong that the axe got stuck in her head. When he opened the box in the room for loot, contrary to his expectations, he found nothing. After this, he left the house.

After committing the murder he came back and stood in the crowd

Accused Dinesh chose a different route from the one he had entered the house and went back to his house. After some time, the news of this incident spread like wildfire. When other members of the family, police and villagers had gathered at the crime scene, Dinesh also changed his clothes and went back there and joined the crowd of villagers. After standing there for a while, he returned.

DCP Alok Srivastava said that with the help of technical team, the mobile location was investigated. The suspects were kept under surveillance on the basis of mobile location. After confirmation on the basis of evidence found at the crime scene, the accused Dinesh Jat was arrested.

The injured woman's life is out of danger

The accused had hit Pukhraj's sister Santosh on the head with an axe and she was taken to the hospital in a critical condition along with the axe. Now the axe has been removed from her head and the operation has been successful. 24 hours after the incident, Santosh is now said to be out of danger. It is believed that she will recover soon and become healthy.