Job hanging out with rich women


A cheating racket is going on in Rajasthan in the name of getting a Playboy job. In every small and big city of the state, Playboy job is being offered to rich families and NRI women on hefty salary. For this, from social media to public places. Propaganda is being done by pasting posters.

Hundreds of youths are becoming victims of this online fraud every day, it was revealed when on 8 February 2023, Delhi's cybercrime police arrested two people from Jaipur. Delhi Police told- Both the accused used to take out online ads of 'Playboy job' and youths were being implicated by talking in the voice of a girl.

Through this, the accused have cheated 4,000 youths of Rs 3 crore in the name of registration. Transactions worth more than Rs 2 crore were found in different bank accounts of the arrested accused. 85 lakh were deposited in his accounts. Both the accused used to do minor jobs of room boys in hotels till some time ago. A person living in Delhi had given a complaint on the cybercrime reporting portal of Delhi Police. The complainant said that he was searching for online jobs on Google.

Then he came upon a website named SP Playboy URL ( and contacted the number (8955567601) given on the website. In the name of giving him a job as a Playboy, he was issued an I card on WhatsApp after depositing Rs 2,499 for registration.

After this, money was demanded from him in the name of a 40 percent advance commission, massage kit, passcode charge, and hotel booking charge, he deposited a total of Rs 39,190. Even after this, he was not given a job. Threats were given to defame him for demanding money back. On this complaint, Delhi Cybercrime Police registered a case and started an investigation, police arrested Kuldeep Singh Charan from Jaipur. After interrogation, Shyam Lal Yogi, who supported him in this game Also arrested from the Mansarovar area, both the accused had a joint bank account, in which the amount of fraud was being deposited, both the accused had a joint bank account, in which the amount of fraud was being deposited".