Jammu Terror Attack: What is liquid IED explosion


Jammu Kashmir Terrorist Attack: Officials say that finding liquid IED with terrorists can be seen as a big threat because such explosives are placed in the 'D2D' category. 


Jammu terror attack: Dangerous liquid IEDs are once again making a comeback as the weapons of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. Recently, the police have recovered a liquid improvised explosive device in a raid on a terrorist hideout. According to the report, liquid explosives are making a comeback in the terrorist scenario after 17 years. This liquid-improvised explosive device is difficult to detect. Therefore, it has been placed in the Difficult to Detect (D2D) category.

Lashkar-e-Taiba's terrorist commander Riyaz Dar alias Sathar and his associate Raees Dar were killed in an encounter in Pulwama earlier this month. After this, the police arrested an 'over ground worker' (OGW) of the terrorists. This liquid IED was recovered from this OGW. 

Riyaz Dar joined the banned organization Lashkar-e-Taiba in 2014 and worked with slain Pakistani terrorists Abu Dujana and Abu Ismail. He has also been involved in many other terrorist activities. A cash reward of more than Rs 10 lakh was announced on Riyaz. At the same time, a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh was announced on Raees Dar. 

What is a liquid IED explosion?

The full form of IED is Improvised Explosive Devices. The IED term was first used during the Iraq War which started in 2003. An improvised explosive device (IED) can be used to attack, or injure someone, as a homemade bomb, or for destruction. IEDs consist of a variety of components including an initiator, switch, main charge, power source, and a container. IEDs can be used in many forms. One of them is liquid IED. Liquid IEDs can be easily carried or transported anywhere. 

Liquid IED is also difficult to detect because it looks like a normal bottle. Experts believe that a good detector is needed to detect it. Also, the detector should be fully trained because it looks like a normal bottle so he should be able to identify that it is not a shampoo bottle but something else.

Police destroyed liquid IED

Soon after the encounter, the police took action against the OGWs working for Lashkar terrorists and arrested four of them. Officials said that during interrogation, an OGW told that the terrorists were provided accommodation and food by Bilal Ahmed Lone, Sajjad Ghani, and Shakir Bashir, residents of Nihama in Pulwama. 

This exposed the terrorists' OGW network and these three were later arrested. He said that during interrogation, the OGW told the police that two Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists had prepared this liquid IED. Which Bashir had hidden in the gardens. Army explosive experts have destroyed six kilograms of liquid IED kept in a plastic container.

This weapon was used in 2007

Officials say that the discovery of liquid IEDs with terrorists can be seen as a major threat as such explosives are classified as 'D2D'. These explosives were used by terrorist groups in South Kashmir in 2007, but nothing like this was seen during the decade of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir after that.

Officials say that intelligence has been received that Pakistan-based terrorist groups will now use liquid explosives. He said that in February 2022, Jammu and Kashmir Police recovered weapons and ammunition thrown by Pakistani drones near the international border in Jammu. The explosives recovered also included three bottles of white liquid.