IT Raid: Black business of slip trading under the guise of shoe business!


IT Raid on Shoe Dealer: An ordinary person running a flour mill in Agra became a wealthy person in just 20 years. When the Income Tax Department raided his premises, wads of currency notes were found everywhere from shoe boxes to the bathroom.


Parchi Karobar in Agra: Ramnath Dang of Agra, who ran a flour mill just 20 years ago, is today's Parchi King. This is the same Ramnath Dang, from whose place when bundles of notes started coming out during the Income Tax raid, a pile of notes started appearing one after the other. On the very first day, such a large number of wads of currency notes were recovered from beds, shoe boxes and bathrooms that their count reached around Rs 80 crore.

Black business of slip trading under the guise of shoe business

After the flour mill, Ramnath Dang started the business of supplying footwear material in the name of Harmilap Traders in Asafoetida Market. Harmilap does the business of shoe material trading just for the sake of traders, but his real work is something else. Ramnath Dang's real work is in slip trading. Slip business is called that in which a shopkeeper gives a slip to a shoe factory instead of paying for the goods, on which it is written that the payment will be received after the next three months. 

In no time he became a millionaire through black money.

With this slip, the factory owner used to come to Ramnath Dang and take the payment. Based on this slip, Ramnath Dang used to take his money along with interest from that shopkeeper after three months. It is being told that Ramnath Dang charges one to five percent interest. The Income Tax Department has recovered such illegal slips worth several crores during the raid. Based on these slips, Ramnath Dang became the Kuber of black money. Ramnath Dung is running his business with his two sons Rajiv and Sanjeev Dung.

These shoe businessmen also did not lag in collecting money

At the same time, Ashok Midda, owner of BK Shoes, also became the owner of property worth crores in a few years. The showroom of BK Shoes situated at Dhakran intersection of MG Road buys shoes from small manufacturers. After that it was supplied to many states across the country. BK Shoes owner Ashok Midda also used to give slips to his factory owners. Manshu is the brother of Ashok Midda, the owner of Footwear. He is also a shoe businessman. Both of them are also said to have surrendered undisclosed income worth crores.

Big revelation made in Income Tax Department raid


Let us tell you that the Income Tax Department, after receiving secret information, conducted a major raid on the premises of shoe traders of Agra 3 days ago. In this raid, the department recovered cash worth about Rs 80 crore. This cash was so much that several machines had to be ordered to count it. To avoid raids, corrupt businessmen had hidden piles of currency notes at various places including bathrooms, cupboards, warehouses etc.