Is Corona going to end, experts predicted about Omicron


The cases of Omicron variants are increasing very fast in the country and all over the world, in such a situation, questions are being raised as to how the new year 2022 is going to be due to the epidemic, although it is a matter of relief that Omicron is not causing much harm to the people. In this, only mild symptoms are being seen.

This variant affects the upper part of the respiratory system and does not damage the lungs, so people do not need oxygen support or hospitalization in the ICU, Dr. Monica Gandhi, an epidemiologist at the University of California, has said that it seems that It is believed that with the help of the Omicron variant, this epidemic can be ended, he said that this variant is highly contagious and due to which people are getting infected again despite the vaccine.


Although Omicron is not affecting even people who do not take the vaccine, it cannot infect lung cells, research has revealed this, and people's immunity to infection caused by the variant will develop further and in the future.