IRCTC: Want to book the entire train or coach? Click here to Know the step-by-step process and charges for booking


Long-distance travel in the country has traditionally been done in the best-of-class and comfortable trains. The cost of traveling by train is also less expensive and safer than using a private automobile. But can the entire train or one of its coaches be booked? We all must have wondered whether it can be done or not, and the answer is yes!

If a such booking is possible then how can it be done? Are there additional charges for booking an entire coach? Read below to get the answer.

How to book a full train or coach? step by step process

Visit IRCTC's official website-

If you want to reserve a full coach then choose the FTR service option.

You will need to complete the requested information to make the payment.

After that click on the payment option.


What are the charges for booking an entire train or coach?

A security payment of Rs 50,000 has to be made to reserve a coach.

To reserve the entire train with 18 coaches, a security amount of Rs 9 lakh will have to be deposited.

After 7 days an additional Rs 10,000 per coach will have to be paid for stoppage charges.

If you want you can increase the number of coaches to 24. You have to apply online and be ready 30 days to 6 months in advance to reserve the entire train.