India received an invitation to 'Summit for Democracy', PM Modi can participate in this program virtually

pm modi

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said that the Biden government of the US is set to host a virtual summit for civil society and private sector leaders from December 9 to 10. PM Modi can take part in this program.

India has received an invitation to the 'Summit of Democracies' program being organized by the Biden government of America. Sources informed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can participate in this program through a virtual medium. The Indian Foreign Ministry said that from December 9 to 10, the Biden government of America is ready to host a virtual summit for leaders of civil society and the private sector.

There are 110 participants on the State Department's invitation list for the virtual program, which aims to help prevent democratic backsliding and the erosion of rights and freedoms around the world.

Regarding the event, the US State Department said that the summit will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing democracies and a platform for leaders to announce individual and collective commitments, reforms, and initiatives to protect democracy and human rights. will provide.

Giving more details of the program, the State Department further said that the summit will provide an opportunity to hear, learn, and connect with a wide variety of actors whose support and commitment are critical to global democratic renewal. It will also showcase one of the unique forces of democracy. The ability to accept your flaws and face them openly and transparently. Also, the State Department said that the Constitution of the United States states that we can all form a perfect union.