INDIA-New controversy started regarding India, opposition government attacked, Indian officials are written on G-20 card


There is a new debate in the country about the name of India at this time and the reason for this is that on the G20 invitation letter and I-card, Bharat is written instead of India. After which the opposition has also become an attacker on the government. Let us tell you that recently the opposition has formed a new alliance and named it India. After which PM Modi has also targeted about this. 

If media reports are to be believed, now new identity cards related to the G20 event have emerged. Now Bharat Official is written on it instead of Indian Official. That is, the official of India has been written. Not only this, Prime Minister of India is written along with Narendra Modi on the function notes related to ASEAN Summit. Let us tell you that before this, PM of India was written on such function notes.

If media reports are to be believed, an invitation letter for G-20 surfaced on Tuesday. In this invitation card for the G-20 dinner, the President was written as President of India instead of President of India. After this the discussion became heated. On the other hand, the opposition says that now they are thinking of changing the name of their alliance to Bharat.