In the desire of having a son, he had starved his twin newborn girls to death… this is how the cruel father was caught by the police


Delhi Police has arrested the absconding father in the murder case of two innocent newborn girls. The incident came to light when the accused's brother-in-law came to their house. The accused's wife was at her parents' house at that time. She had no idea that her husband had brutally killed his two daughters. The accused father wanted to kill the girls. That is why he did not feed the girls even a drop of milk for two days. The innocent girls died due to starvation. Then he buried the bodies of the girls.

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Delhi Police has achieved a great success. Police has arrested such a cruel father who killed his two newborn girls by starving them for two days. The accused's wife was at her parents' house then. He did not tell his wife anything about this. He quietly buried the bodies of both the girls. The incident happened on June 3. After this, when the accused's brother-in-law came to their house, he started looking for his nieces.

Then he came to know that both the girls had died. The brother-in-law suspected his brother-in-law. He informed the police about this. Then the police arrested the accused's father. He revealed the whole secret. He told that his son Neeraj Solanki was not happy with the birth of both the girls. He wanted a son. That is why he first went to Rohtak in Haryana. His wife Pooja's maternal home is there. Neeraj's mother and sister also went with him.

They brought both the girls from there to Delhi. Pooja stayed at her parents' house. But after coming here, Neeraj did not give even a drop of milk to the two newborn girls for two days. The girls died due to hunger. He buried the bodies of the girls. But neither Pooja nor anyone in her house was told about this. When his brother-in-law came there, Neeraj fled from the spot.

The accused was changing his hideout frequently

Police said that since then teams were engaged to find the accused Neeraj. Neeraj Solanki was arrested from Rohtak in Haryana on Wednesday. The accused was constantly changing his hideouts and hiding in Delhi and Haryana, who has now been caught by the police. The accused was repeatedly changing his mobile handset, SIM and hideouts to avoid arrest.

How was the accused caught by the police?

The team raided several places in Delhi and Haryana in search of the accused. During this raid, Neeraj Solanki was arrested from Sampla, Rohtak, Haryana. During interrogation, he confessed his involvement in the above case and was later arrested under appropriate sections of the law.