In my political life, I have never seen the central government so scared of questions: Ashok Gehlot


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has once again targeted the Narendra Modi government at the Center after former National President of Congress Rahul Gandhi ended his membership of Parliament. Ashok Gehlot said through social media that it is unfortunate that instead of answering the questions of inflation, unemployment, and growing hatred being raised by Rahul, the central government is looking for ways to save itself from arrest and suspension from Parliament membership.

They should not forget that after this reprehensible act, every person in the country will ask the same questions to the Centre. In fact, in my political career, I have never seen the central government so scared of questions that it surrenders.

History is witness that such policies to suppress the truth have never been successful. Rahul Gandhi has become the face of the people of the country today. The mantra is given by him to save the country and the Constitution, every Satyagrahi will make this fight stronger. The unity and strength of the country will protect it from fascism.