I thought he would become a groom… the bride betrayed him at the engagement and drank poison


In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, a young man, upset over his broken engagement, tried to commit suicide by consuming pesticide. When his mother saw him lying unconscious, she informed other family members about it. The young man was immediately taken to the hospital. His condition remains critical here.

Symbolic picture.

The whole family was busy preparing for the engagement. Tents were being set up outside the house. The cooks were preparing food for the guests. Then a phone call came and it was informed that the girl's family will not come for the engagement. They have broken this marriage. On hearing this, there was silence in the boy's family. The would-be groom could not tolerate this. He started becoming silent. Then on July 7, with the intention of committing suicide, the young man consumed poison. Due to this, his health started deteriorating. He was rushed to the hospital. His condition remains critical there.

The incident is from Bhatauli village of Jabalpur district in Madhya Pradesh. Here a youth named Basori was engaged to a girl. The engagement was on 5th July. But at the last moment the girl's family refused to come and broke the marriage. Basori became sad on hearing this. Two days later, when his mother came to the room to get some things, she saw that her son Basori was lying unconscious. An empty bottle of pesticide was lying near him. The mother screamed after seeing her son in an unconscious state. The family members then took Basori to the hospital. His condition remains critical there.

Bought pesticides from the market

Munni Bai said that her son Basori's marriage was fixed as usual a few days ago. The girl's family said that they would come on Friday, July 5 and perform the tika and other rituals. Since the girl's family did not come, the boy was a little sad. Probably that is why he drank poison. Munni Bai says that he left the house in the morning on July 7. There was no insecticide in the house. He had bought it from the market.

What did the Additional SP say

Additional SP Suryakant Sharma said that the youth is not in a condition to give a statement right now. As soon as he regains consciousness, his statement will be taken. Investigation is going on in the case. Statements of the family members have been taken. Prima facie, the case seems to be an attempt to commit suicide. Only he will be able to tell why he consumed poison when he regains consciousness.