Husband was murdered and the case was also closed… 3 years later she reached jail


Husband's murder was written in such a way, murder was done and the case was also closed… 3 years later she reached jail with a message

Three years ago, a person running a computer center was murdered in Panipat, Haryana. The police had also arrested the murderer in this case. The police thought that the case had been solved. But later the brother of the deceased sent a message to the police from abroad. When the case was investigated again, it was found that the deceased's wife had given a contract to kill him. That too for the sake of her lover.

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The police has finally solved the Vinod Barada murder case that happened in Panipat, Haryana in the year 2021. In this case, the deceased's wife Nidhi turned out to be the mastermind of the murder. For the sake of her lover Sumit, Nidhi got her husband Vinod killed. Such a script of murder was written that it took three years to solve the case. Apart from Nidhi, the police have arrested her lover Sumit and a man named Dev Sunar in the case.

The cunning wife first gave a contract to kill her husband. She tried to get him killed in an accident. When the husband did not die in the accident, the wife shot him dead. All the three accused involved in the murder have confessed their crime. The incident took place near Paramhans Kutia.

The police said that in December 2021, a man named Virendra came to the police station. Virendra told that his nephew Vinod has a computer center named Hortron in Sukhdev Nagar. On the evening of October 5, 2021, Vinod was sitting at the gate of Paramhans Kutia. Then a car with Punjab number hit him directly. In this incident, both the legs of Vinod were broken. Virendra registered a case against the accused driver and arrested him.

The name of the accused driver is Dev Sunar alias Deepak. He was arrested from Bhatinda. About 15 days after the incident, Dev Sunar came to him for a settlement. But Dev refused to compromise. After this, Dev left threatening Vinod to face consequences. On December 15, 2021, Dev again shot Vinod with a country-made pistol and killed him. But then the accused was caught by the people present on the spot and handed over to the police. Virendra again registered a case of murder in the police station.

The deceased's brother sent a message

The police said that the accused Dev Sunar was lodged in Panipat jail. The challan had been presented in the court. A few days ago, the police received a message from Australia from the brother of the deceased Vinod Barada. He suspected the involvement of other people in this murder. The police took this complaint seriously. The matter was handed over to CIA Three Police. They then started investigating the case again.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the accused Dev Sunar was acquainted with a youth named Sumit. Evidence of Sumit's conversation with deceased Vinod Barada's wife Nidhi was found. On June 7, the police detained the accused Sumit alias Bantu, a resident of Gohana, from the market of Sector 11/12 and interrogated him. During strict interrogation, Sumit told that as part of the conspiracy, he and the deceased's wife Nidhi first gave a contract to Dev Sunar to kill Vinod in an accident. When he survived, Vinod was shot dead. After this, he was produced in the court and taken on 7-day police remand.

Accused Sumit revealed the secrets

During remand, accused Sumit alias Bantu told the police that he used to give training in a gym in Panipat in the year 2021. Vinod's wife Nidhi also used to come there to do gym. During this time they became friends and started talking. When Vinod came to know about both of them, there was an argument between him and Vinod about this. Vinod also started quarreling with his wife Nidhi at home. Later he and Nidhi hatched a conspiracy to kill Vinod in an accident.

Apart from this, accused Sumit alias Bantu told that with the help of someone known, he met truck driver Dev Sunar alias Deepak resident of Bhatinda. He was convinced to kill Vinod by giving him Rs 10 lakh in cash. He got a loading pickup vehicle with Punjab number for Dev Sunar. On 5 October 2021, Dev Sunar hit Vinod directly with the said vehicle with the intention of killing him. But Vinod survived and the police arrested him.

Gave him the lure of more money

Nidhi and Sumit got Dev Sunar released on bail from jail and prepared him for murder again. This time they gave Dev an illegal pistol and cash. After the work was done, they lured him with more money. As per the plan, Dev Sunar entered the house on 15 December 2021 and shot Vinod Barada dead.