How much money was spent on G20 Summit 2023? Know which country has hosted the most expensive G20 so far?


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The G20 summit in New Delhi was considered a success after the Delhi Declaration was adopted by all member countries. However, not many people know that the Indian government spent a huge amount of money to host the G20 summit this year.

The G20 summit in India has become one of the most expensive G20 meetings ever, with most of the money spent on the renovation and improvement of Central Delhi as well as the construction of the Bharat Mandapam, the G20 venue.

According to an official statement by Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi, the government allocated funds to several departments across Delhi, including Delhi Police, PWD, MCD, DDA, and NHAI, taking the total cost of the G20 summit hosted by India to over Rs 4000 crore. 


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Full details of the costs were given by Lekhi, Rs 340 crore was handed over to Delhi Police, and Rs 700 crore was allocated for construction and repair of roads in the national capital ahead of the G20 summit. According to Lekhi's tweet, most of the money was linked to ITPO, which was more than Rs 3600 crore.

It should be noted that the expenditure is mainly towards sustainable asset creation and ITPO, which is not limited to hosting the G20 summit.

Through this, the G20 summit in India has become one of the most expensive global meetings ever, with a total cost of over Rs 4100 crore. However, when it comes to the G20 summit, India is not the only country that has spent such huge amounts of money. 


According to a report in The Economist, China has hosted the most expensive G20 summit ever, with over Rs 1.9 lakh crore (US$24 billion) spent. China hosted the 2016 G20 summit in the city of Hangzhou, which became the most expensive G20 summit ever.

Additionally, Canada spent over Rs 4300 crore on the summit they hosted in 2010, and Australia spent Rs 2653 crore on the G20 summit in 2014, which was the first G20 attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.