How much gold can a person keep with him? Click here to know the rules


Gold prices are increasing these days. People invest a lot of money in this so that going forward gold gives them even better returns. But there are special rules for keeping gold, about which you should know. Actually, there is a limit to keeping gold with oneself, and more than that limit gold cannot be kept with oneself.

If you have gold kept at your house too, then know how much gold you can keep?

Is there any limit on keeping gold at home?

There is no limit to keeping gold at home, no matter how much gold you can keep, but if you are questioned for some reason, then you have to answer that from where did you get this gold. If you can tell its valid and legal point and show the bill of all these, then you can keep the gold.

There is no limit for this but the source of gold kept in the house or bank locker can be checked by the Income Tax Department. If the income is more than 50 lakhs annually, then along with filing the return, it is also necessary to give information about how much sleep is lying at home.


How much discount do you get?

According to reports, when income tax is scrutinized on someone's house, then some limit has been set for how much gold you can keep. Married women are allowed to keep 500 grams of gold. 250 grams for unmarried women and up to 100 grams for men are allowed to keep gold.