Holi 2023: Before playing Holi with colors, keep these things in mind, otherwise you may have to face problems


While playing Holi with colors, one should take care of many things. They will not have to face the side effects of the colors. Today we are going to inform you that keeping in mind what things you can keep yourself away from the ill effects of Holi colors.

Before playing Holi with colors, a person should apply mustard oil on his hair as well as on the whole body. 

This will not affect the colors of the skin. Coconut or almond oil should be applied on the skin after taking bath after playing Holi. On the other hand, if the color goes into the eyes while playing Holi, wash it immediately with water.


Rinse with water if the color gets into the mouth. People suffering from asthma and skin allergies should avoid playing Holi with colors.