Heat is breaking records in Bihar, 48 school girls fainted and had to be admitted to hospital!


Heat Wave In Bihar:  The outbreak of severe heat continues across the country. The temperature has broken the record of the last 100 years. There are summer holidays in schools in many states but studies are still going on in Bihar. Meanwhile, on Wednesday (May 29), more than 40 school girls fainted and fell in the classroom in Begusarai and Sheikhpura of Bihar.


Bihar:   Government schools are open in Bihar amidst the scorching sun and the havoc of heat waves. Let us tell you that the temperature has crossed 45 degrees in many cities of Bihar. At the same time, the mercury has reached 48 degrees Celsius in Aurangabad district. At the same time, government schools in Bihar are open even amidst this scorching heat. In such a situation, school children are fainting due to the heat, and teachers are also troubled by the heat. According to the information, about 48 female students have fainted due to the scorching heat in government schools of different districts of Bihar, treatment is going on.

Due to the scorching heat in a school in Sheikhpura, the health of the female students deteriorated so much that they had to be immediately admitted to the hospital. 

Due to the scorching heat, the girl students fainted in many schools including Mankaul Upkramit Madhya Vidyalaya under Ariyari block of Sheikhpura district. Due to the scorching heat, some female students fainted during prayer and some in the classroom. 

Admitted to hospital 

When the students fainted, there was panic among the teachers as well, while when the family members of the students got the information, they also reached the school. Later, the students were admitted to the hospital.

Let us tell you, the whole of Bihar including Gaya is in the grip of a heat wave these days. The scorching heat in Bihar has broken the record of 12 years this time. The highest temperature record has been recorded in Gaya, Aurangabad, and Arwal districts. 

Tejashwi Yadav raised the question 

After the incident, a statement by Tejashwi Yadav came out in which he said that there is no democracy left in Bihar, there is no government left and only bureaucracy left. Bureaucracy is at its peak. 

Tejashwi further said that even if the Chief Minister is not heard regarding school timings, you can understand what the situation is. Why has the Chief Minister become so weak? The temperature is 47 degrees. According to this, people should pay attention to the relaxation of small children. Does anyone give this advice? Doctors say that the infrastructure of Bihar's schools is not such that people going to school will be safe. That is also a matter to be seen, in this situation the Chief Minister is not able to do anything, so it is visible that the people have surrounded the Chief Minister and he has nothing in his hands. 

The temperature crossed 48 degrees.

Let us tell you, that the highest temperature was recorded in Bihar's Aurangabad district, where the temperature reached close to 48 degrees, while the temperature reached 46.9 degrees in Arwal and 46.8 degrees in Gaya. If we talk about Gaya, the temperature in Gaya reached 47.01 degrees on May 14, 1970, whereas this time the temperature in Gaya has reached close to it, be it day or night people are seen troubled by the heat, the strong rays of the Sun are scorching people's bodies.