Health Tips: Allegations of negligence on the part of the hospital!


The negligence of a government hospital in Mumbai has come to light, which has completely devastated a family. 26-year-old Sahidun Nisa Ansari, a resident of Bhandup, was to give birth to a child through C-section at Sushma Swaraj Maternity Sadan of the municipality on Monday. However, it is alleged that due to a lack of electricity in the hospital, the operation had to be done in the light of a mobile phone torch.


The relatives of the deceased say that the child born during the operation, weighing about 4 kg, was born dead. Meanwhile, Sahidun Nisa was taken to Zion Hospital after midnight the same night, but a few hours later he was also declared dead. The family is completely devastated by this incident. The family members protested outside the hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday demanding answers.

Allegations of negligence on the part of the hospital:

This incident has raised serious questions about the negligence of the hospital. Had there been proper arrangements for an emergency power supply in the hospital, perhaps this accident could have been avoided. Performing such a complex operation under torchlight can be a threat to the patient's health.

Formation of government inquiry committee:

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has constituted a 10-member committee including doctors to investigate this matter. This committee will meet on Thursday. At present, this incident remains a topic of discussion in the entire city.