Hawaii Tourist Tax: Green fees will be charged from now on to visit this most favorite destination of the world


People from all over the world come to visit the American state of Hawaii. Hawaii is famous for its beaches. That is why Hawaii is the most favorite destination in the world. According to Hawaii Governor Josh Green, 10 million tourists come here every year.

After Barcelona, ​​it may be expensive to go to the US state of Hawaii. Even before Hawaii, a similar tax has been imposed in Barcelona city of Spain. People visiting Barcelona from April 1 will have to pay tax.

If reports are to be believed, you can be charged 50 dollars i.e. 4 thousand rupees for going to Hawaii. The target of the government here is to collect a tax of 400 to 500 million dollars annually. However, tourist tax also means that here Revenue should be collected from the people coming.

The government here has given the name of Green Fee. Airport Green Fee has been approved recently.

The reason for the imposition of a tourist tax is also that the government wants to save those natural spaces of Hawaii, where a maximum number of tourists gather.