Hathras Stampede Updates: The case of the death of 123 people in Saakar Hari Baba's satsang in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh!


Hathras Stampede Updates: The case of the death of 123 people in Saakar Hari Baba's satsang in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh has not been settled yet. UP Police has made 6 arrests in the case on Thursday. But Saakar Hari Baba's name is not in it. Everyone has the same question in their mind why did the police not arrest Saakar Hari Baba? The answer to this question has been given by Aligarh Range IG Shalabh Mathur. Let us tell you what Shalabh Mathur said.


123 people died in the stampede

The UP police made the first arrest on Thursday amid the investigation into the 123 people killed in the Hathras stampede. The Uttar Pradesh police said that six people have been detained in the case. But Saakar Hari has not been questioned yet.

Why was Sakar Hari not arrested?

Inspector General of Police (Aligarh Range) Shalabh Mathur said that the investigation has just begun and more arrests will be made based on the facts that emerge. He also clarified that Saakar Hari (Suraj Pal) has not been questioned yet. Not ruling out the possibility of detaining Suraj Pal, the officer said that we will make the arrest based on whatever comes out in the investigation... If needed, we will question Baba. It is too early to say or comment on whether he has any role in this or not. 

The organisers were held responsible.

He is not named in the FIR. The FIR blames the organisers. The organizing committee had taken permission and the panel members have been arrested. The officer said the permission was taken in the name of Ved Prakash Madhukar. He said teams have been formed to nab him. A reward of Rs 1 lakh has been given to the person giving information leading to his arrest. Shalabh Mathur said if the role of other people is revealed during the interrogation of Madhukar, we will take action accordingly.

Suraj Pal took VRS in 2000

When asked about the previous cases against Sakar Hari, Shalabh Mathur said that according to what they have found so far, Pal was a head constable in the UP police and had taken VRS (voluntary retirement from service) in 2000 when he was posted in Agra. Soon after, an FIR was filed against him at Shahganj police station in Agra and he was later acquitted. We are finding out if there is any other case against him and for this we are taking help from police of different states.

The crowd ran to take the dust off the feet

Let us remind you that last Tuesday there was a stampede in Saakar Hari Baba's satsang in Hathras. In which 123 people including at least seven children died. According to the police, permission was given for 80,000 people in this event, but 2.5 lakh people had gathered in the program. Even when Saakar Hari was going in his car after finishing the Satsang, people ran after him to take the dust from his feet. In an attempt to control the crowd, Saakar Hari's volunteers and other people in charge of security started pushing people back. Many devotees fell and were crushed by the crowd.